Ask the Colour Team

2nd February 2016

During our feature ‘Ask Jason’ we received some questions about colour that we have handed over to the colour team to answer for you.

Q. I have heard many times that colour will take better to dirty hair, is this true?

A. ​This is a good question, and one we hear many times, but it is false. A build up of natural oils, product and pollutants can actually create a barrier and prevent the colour from penetrating deep enough into the hair, which could cause uneven coverage, a patchy result or limited grey coverage. If you think about painting a canvas, you would need it to be clean and oil free so that nothing interferred with the paint.

Q. I love my blonde highlights when they are done, however the last week before I am due to get them done i find they look a bit dull. I don’t feel that they need doing a week earlier, is there anything i can do.

A. The most important thing to think about here is shampoo. Highlights can dull or take on more of a yellow tone after a few weeks, this can be due to pollution, hard water or product build up.​ The best thing to do is use a shampoo that is designed for blonde hair, these usually have a slight blue or purple colour to them, these tones will neutralise any warmth that has crept in. One of our recommendations is the Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum range. Another great tip is to use a deep clensing or purifing shampoo when you find it is looking dull, this will work to remove any product build up and free radicals.

If you have a question about colour or styling please email us at alternately get in touch via twitter with #askjason