Renoir’s latest posts

  • Woof Woof! 24th March 2017

    Just chilling at home with my friends before I go off to Uncle Josephs for a week! Have a good weekend everyone! >more

  • Woof Woof! 3rd November 2016

    I heard that someone wanted to meet me the other day so I snuck out and found Grace's Nan! She gave me a lovely cuddle and now I have another lap to sit on. >more

  • Woof Woof! 1st April 2016

    Do you think I can pass for the Easter Bunny? >more

  • Woof Woof! 22nd August 2015

    What a lovely sunny day it is, I'm not in the salon today, so I thought I'd chill out in the garden instead.   >more

  • Summer is coming 17th April 2015

    I do love to be out on the balcony on my day off when the sun is out! >more

  • Woof! 26th February 2015

    Anyone would think it's my Birthday! I got a present today which I unwrapped all by myself, it was a soft toy with a squeak in the middle! Such fun! >more

  • Woof! 8th January 2015

    Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a good a Christmas and got everything you wanted. I got some new toys to add to my collection! >more

  • Woof! 9th July 2014

    I've got a new toy! One of the lovely clients Jan bought it for me, I love sitting on her lap when her colour is developing. She says she only comes to the salon to see me! >more

  • Woof! 27th June 2014

    Here's me supervising the photo shoot that we had in the salon earlier this month. It all went well and I'm sure the humans will show you all of the photos soon. >more

  • Woof! 27th June 2014

    What on earth is this dog doing?! You wouldn't catch me shampooing hair.... it would ruin my manicure! >more