Dear Jason

4th September 2015

Last month we asked you to send in some of your hair questions for Jason to answer, here are the two that we selected;

Q. How can I stop my hair from frizzing in the rain?

A. This time of year can be problematic for people with hair that tends to frizz. Using a product that contains a Anti – Humectant will help. Anti – Humectants are ingredients in hair products that repel water. Most of our Redken hairsprays contain these. A great treatment for unruly, frizzy hair is the Kerastraight Brazilian Blow Dry, this treatment lasts up to four months and leaves hair smoother and stronger as it is a protein rich treatment.

Q. My hair goes greasy and flat at my roots, but my ends feel dry so I feel the need more conditioner but this makes the problem with my roots even worse.

A. Washing you hair every day will ensure that you remove any excess oil (sebum) from the root area. By using professional moisturising conditioners you will ensure that the mid lengths and ends will receive the correct amount of moisture to redress the balance, making the hair look evenly smooth. In addition using the right sized bristle brush to give the roots more volume when drying your style will help emilmate them looking so flat.

If you have any questions for Jason to answer please email them to