8th December 2015

We would love to introduce Olaplex to those of you who have not enjoyed it’s benefits already.

“The holy grail for hair colour” – Nicola Clarke – John Freida salons

“Hair breakage solved” – Tracy Cunningham

Olaplex is a revolutionary new treatment for damaged and/or coloured hair. Each single strand of our hair is made up and held together by di-sulpide bonds, each time we colour hair or use heat tools some of those bonds get broken, this can weaken the hair and until now we haven’t been able to change that.

Olaplex reconnects those bonds, which strengthens the hair by limiting damage during the colouring process. This means that we can take things further with hair colour than ever before, especially when it comes to lightening. It leaves hair feeling much stronger and shinier.

Olaplex can be added into colour so it is working whilst the colour is developing,or it can be used as a stand alone treatment.

Ask your stylist or colourist for more information.