Salon re-opening

28th June 2020

UPDATED: April 5th 2021

I hope that you and your loved ones are well.

Following the announcement today from the Prime Minister, it has been confirmed that there is just one week to go until I am able to throw the doors of Jason Palmer Hairdressing open once more. I can’t tell you how excited myself and the team are to welcome you back! By the time we return, the salon will have been closed for 36 of the past 55 weeks. 

I would like to thank you for your loyalty, support, generous donations, and of course your future bookings during the time we have been closed. The diary ahead is looking very busy and will give us a much needed kick-start during the next few months.

As I have mentioned in previous updates, my staff have remained well and were all furloughed, meaning that the entire team will be there to greet you on your next visit.

 With everyone else baking cakes and keeping fit, I have been manning the phones, emails and messages from home. It’s have enjoyed chatting to you as we arranged, moved and re-scheduled your appointments together.

The online booking system has proved a great asset in enabling you to do much of the booking tasks yourself. With that comes of course the possibility for error. I have been in touch when things have been booked the wrong way round or for incorrect services. Some bookings made online also didn’t quite fit the diary and needed timings to be tweaked. Please double check your start times as they may differ slightly from the one you thought you had booked. If I have amended anything, it will automatically have updated within the app, so that is the best place to check. Appointment reminders will be turned back on from Saturday 10th April. Please note the time within those text messages as they will also be accurate.

Patch tests will be required for anyone who hasn’t had a colour service with a Redken product within the last 6 months. Because we have been closed for 4 months during lockdown 3, you may well fall outside that window. Salon Insurance companies have tightened up hugely on the criteria for this in recent months. My reception team will work through the diary identifying who will need to have one and to arrange for that to happen in good time before your appointment. 

In addition, during your colour consultation at the beginning of your in-salon appointment, you will need to answer just a few questions in order for us to be legally compliant. This may seem repetitive on subsequent visits, but my technical team must ask them on each occasion. This requirement is across the board, within all salons, and is the only way that I am legally insured to look after you. This process will only take a minute, but I wanted to let you know what to expect in advance.

Another government stipulation for this re-opening is the continued need for good ventilation. With the Summer coming, it becomes much easier to manage as we found last year. We are very lucky to have plenty of doors and windows to open and fans to put in place as the weather warms up. We found however that on cooler days it could get a little nippy downstairs. One improvement I’ve made during this closure is to install infrared panel heating to the ground floor for your comfort on those cooler days.

I know that one of the enjoyable aspects of coming to the salon has always been sipping your favourite beverage during your visit. Unfortunately, because we are a close contact service, you are required to wear masks throughout your time with us. This makes it very difficult to serve drinks, as masks need to be removed to drink them. As soon as the mask requirement is lifted, I will be re-introducing our extensive drinks menu at the earliest juncture.

Last year I changed the salon layout to be more compliant, create space and safely distance the sections. This meant, however, that we can accommodate fewer people within each area. I decided it would be difficult to look after our under 10-year-old clients as we no longer had room for Mums and Dads to wait in reception or within the new salon layout. This will of course be reviewed as soon as distancing restrictions relax further. We look forward to welcoming them back soon.

I have upgraded both the Wi-Fi and the card payment machines allowing for payments to be made anywhere within the salon should you need to pay at your section for a speedier checkout or when reception is busy. There is now also VIP guest access to the Wi-Fi. Just ask any of the team for the password. 

As a regular client you will know the comprehensive sanitising routine I put in place last year and I would like to re-assure you we will pick up exactly where we left off in December. Temperature checks and hand sanitizer on arrival, containers at the section for your belongings, biodegradable covers for jackets in reception, ultraviolet light sterilisers for all equipment, freshly washed towels and gowns and a complete clean down of each section between every client. You can relax knowing that Jason Palmer Hairdressing is still one of the safest places to be.

If you would like to get in touch or keep up to date with the exciting things coming up during the year then please keep an eye our social media pages. Phones, emails and messages all remain live and I am here to help with questions you may have prior to our first day of trading on Tuesday 13th April.

Stay well and stay safe and I look forward to seeing you in the salon soon.

Jason and Team JPH


I hope that you remained well since my last update and I am again pleased to report that myself and all my staff have.

The exciting news as you may already be aware is that I am making preparations to re-open the salon at 9am on Saturday 4th July.

Even before lockdown I was very vigilant to ensure measures were in place to create the safest possible environment for both you and my staff. As a result of events over the past 13 weeks these measures have been increased further to make the salon even safer. You will notice that a few things have changed following a full risk assessment taking all government guidance into account.

All staff will spend 3 days leading up to the opening being fully trained on how the salon will operate safely so that they can guide your journey on the day of your appointment. It is very important to me that you should feel safe, confident and enjoy you time with us. 

All appointments are time critical to ensure a smooth running and I respectfully request you arrive as near to your start time as possible avoiding being early or late. This will help us manage waiting areas where social distancing space is limited. 

What to expect when you arrive:

1.The front door will be left open wherever possible for ventilation and removing a point of contact.

2. Angela or Ashleigh will greet you at reception. wherever possible please avoid bringing coats, sometimes this will of course be unavoidable and in this instance you will be asked to put your coat on a hanger and a disposable cover will be supplied before hanging up. They will ask you the following questions:

  1. Have you, or anyone in your household, had a COVID-19 positive diagnosis?
  2. Are you, or anyone in your household, currently or have recently been suffering from;
  1. a high temperature or fever?
  2. a new continuous cough?
  3. shortness of breath?
  4. loss of taste or smell?
  1. Did you receive a letter from the government advising you to remain home or stay shielded?
  2. Do you have any reason to believe you may be of increased risk from COVID-19?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions either now or on your arrival you will be asked to re-schedule your appointment.

If you do feel that you are a more vulnerable person then please let us know as we may look at opening at a time that will provide an extra shielded service.

Your temperature will be taken with a non-contact thermometer and recorded on your records.

You will then be asked to wash your hands in the downstairs vanity room. Cloth hand towels have been temporarily replaced with disposable paper towels.

3. There will only be 2 waiting seats in reception instead of 4 and they will be separated by a screen. Wherever possible you will be taken straight to your stylist or technician who will be wearing a compulsory visor. They will help you on with your gown from behind. The wearing of masks for staff is not compulsory but some may choose to wear them. 

4. The arrangement of seating will be side by side throughout the salon with separating dividing screens in place. They are not a requirement as all sections are 2 meters apart but add another level of piece of mind. They are due to arrive this week but may not be installed in time for opening.

The rest of your visit should be very similar to the one you are used to although some things will be temporarily absent, these will include:

a) Drinks will not be provided (water in disposable cups will be available) and you are welcome to bring takeaway drinks with you.

b) Ipad information screens have been removed.

c) Magazines and newspapers have been removed.

I have had more sanitiser stations installed and a one way system on staircases will be in operation to eliminate pinch points throughout the salon.

The toilets on all levels will be available for use and there will be information in each explaining how to use safely.

This email will also be available on the salon website should you wish to refer to it at at later date.

Due to the closure some people will be out of their patch test validity as they only last 6 months. If you have a colour appointment booked and you need a patch test you will receive a phone call to arrange for this to take place at least 48 hours before your service. If we are unable to contact you and you don’t have the test done we will unfortunately have to re-schedule your appointment.

As you may have noticed on the website the price list has been updated. It was due to change on 1st May while we were closed. The prices have remained un-changed for the past 4 years and have increased slightly across the board.

I’m sorry for such a long update but I really want nothing more than for you to enjoy your salon experience without worry and I hope this has provided a snapshot of what to expect.

I really cannot wait to welcome you back to the salon.

Kindest regards