Tangle Teezers

10th March 2016


A lot of you will already own a Tangle Teezer and will be aware of what a fantastic hair brush it is.

Tangle Teezers come in many shapes, sizes and colours and have been designed with varying length teeth that glide through even the most tangled hair.

We have compact brushes that will fit in your handbag, some are specifically designed for the shower and we have some great children’s Tangle Teezers to make hair brushing a nicer experience.

The newest design has extra long teeth and is specifically for thick and curly hair.

These brushes were born from an idea that Hairdresser Shaun P had in 2003, and in 2007 he took his idea to Dragon’s Den, however Shaun was turned down by the Dragons.

In 2016 seventeen brushes are sold every minute Tangle Teezer are extremely proud of the fact that all of their products are designed and manufactured in Great Britain