Dear Jason

11th August 2015

Last month we asked you to send in some of your hair questions for Jason to answer, here are the two that we selected;

Q. How can I look after my hair on holiday?

A. There are lots of elements that can affect your hair whilst on holiday – sun, sea water, cholrine. The sun will have a drying effect on your hair so it is important to counteract this by using a more moisturising conditioner. Leave in conditioners are also great to use such as Pureology’s Colour Fanatic which also protects against harmful UV rays, a good tip is to keep it in your beach bag to apply throughout the day. The best way to keep salt or chorinated water out of your hair is to saturate your hair in clean, fresh water first, this gives less chance of the other water penetrating the hair.

Q. What type of fringes are in fashion now?

A. Fringes are a great way to change or update your look without going for a drastic hair cut. We are seeing a summer trend of casual fringes, less of the heavy harsh lines and more of the soft, sweeping face framers. Dubbed ‘The Winge’ the winged fringe is very popular right now, it is longer and parted in the middle, great if you are growing out an old heavier fringe or easy to add in to your exsisting style.